[Everyone] URGENT APPEAL! Activist/Musician With Leukemia Faces Surgery, Needs Support!

Geoff Carens geoff.carens at gmail.com
Tue Jun 7 14:07:13 EDT 2016

Dear All,

Please aid activist & musician Chris "Max" Perkins. Max has chronic
leukemia and is about to endure extensive back surgery, which will leave
him disabled for several weeks.

To contribute towards Max's living expenses and mounting medical bills,
click here

If you live in the Boston area and can help check in on Max, shop or
prepare meals, etc., please email brenda.of.boston at gmail.com. Support will
be needed roughly between June 15 and June 30.

*Background: *A familiar face at Boston-area pickets and demonstrations, &
formerly a stalwart of Occupy Long Beach, Max is about to undergo an
operation planned to relieve his chronic back pain from an old work injury.
He won't be able to take his regular chemotherapy immediately before and
after the procedure. Max will likely be mainly confined to bed for 2-3
weeks. He urgently needs social and financial support. A talented
carpenter, plumber and electrician, Max's ability to work is sharply
limited by his cancer and back pain. He has thousands of dollars in medical
bills and is getting calls from debt collectors. If Max's surgery goes well
he could have a 50% reduction in his pain which could make him fit for work
again. Please help however you can! Max has been active in initiatives
including Black Lives Matter and is a strong supporter of Boston's school
bus drivers (USW Local 8751) and MFA workers organized in the Museum
Independent Security Union (MISU), to name just a few.

*Please feel free to forward this email!*
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